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Many injuries are caused by muscular imbalances within our body – our posture, the way we walk, bend over, sit down, lie down or exercise, overtime, can cause physical imbalances.

When this occurs the body is more perceptible to strains, pulls, tears or worse. Pilate’s exercises are designed to bring your body back into balance through specific movements that both strengthens and mobilises your entire physique in a healthy way.

Change happens through movement and movement heals.

~ Joseph Pilates

Pilates can positively change the way you sit, walk, run and even sleep. Pilates is popular because it is suitable for everyone – it is precise and adaptable, so it is perfect for injury rehabilitation, advanced participants and for beginners.

At Falmouth Active Health we teach in small groups so we can provide individual attention to all our participants.

Our instructors

Brisa de Sousa

Brisa is a highly experienced pilates teacher whose high quality of teaching originates from a thorough understanding of how our bodies should move. Brisa is an expert in capoeira, which is an true art form in human movement and where she learnt her natural capability in teaching.

Brisa has a sincere and professional approach to her teaching and her classes are suitable for all levels and for those who carry injuries. 

Many patients at Falmouth Active Health have benefited from her pilates expertise.




Brisa suffered training injuries in capoeira and through her own rehabilitation she began practicing Pilates.

Brisa’s positive and professional attitude shines throughout all her classes.

Visit Brisa’s website: pilatesfalmouth.com

  • Pilates Mat work instructor Level 3
  • Qualified STOTT PILATES® Mat-work instructor
  • YMCA fitness Instructor

Amanda Brown

    Amanda is a highly experienced yoga teacher who draws from several styles of yoga and other movement modalities – such as Feldenkrais.

    Amandas therapeutic background as a cranial sacral therapist deepens her intelligent and intuitive understanding of the human body. Her style of teaching is particularly suited to anyone carrying an injury.

    Amanda teaches on the mobility workshops.

    Amanda has been teaching yoga for 30 years. Following her fine art degree she started studying Iyengar yoga in Australia and continued to intermediate level in the UK. During this time her curiosity led her to study other styles of yoga  and particularly more somatic movement through Feldenkrais.

    Amanda teaches several classes a week from intermediate to therapeutic yoga. She contributes to several teacher trainings around the UK encouraging enquiry into how and why patterns might be manifesting in our system and how they influence our lives off the mat.  She also focuses on short level 2 trainings that are intended to provide inspiration, empowerment and fresh insight to experienced teachers.

    • Level 3 Pilates Instructor
    • Level 4 Lower Back Pain
    • Pre and Post Natal Level 3 Pilates
    • Level 3 GP Referral
    • Level 3 Sports massage
    • Pilates classes

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