Finding Flow

The days are lighter and longer. The water is warmer and everyone seems a bit perkier.

Right now, there doesn’t need to be a desperate dash to shed off any winter fat and ramp up our activity levels. Spring is a period of transition – a kind of post hibernation. It’s the time to gently nudge yourself to become more active, more regularly  – its a good time of year to find your flow.

6 tips to help you spring into action…

  • Yoga, Pilates or swimming are all gentle ways to help mobilise the body after a period of inactivity
  • Use the light mornings and evenings to spend more time outside – walking, running, cycling or perhaps take a quick dip in the sea
  • Try putting some discipline into your routine to get you motivated; if you need a little help with this – attend a class or join a club
  • Try not to over think the aesthetic aspect to exercising, really appreciate what activity can do for your overall health – from the inside out
  • Think ahead into the summer – what sport/activity have you always wanted to always try – surfing, running, horse riding, kayaking?  Use this to inspire you to get yourself fit.
  • Use activity to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for ages – organise a bike ride, meet up for a surf or walk a coast/woodland path

Enjoy the spring!

‘If all you can do is crawl, start crawling’ Rumi

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