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Positive Steps

Positive steps

Collapsed arches, over-pronated feet and other such terms that you might have heard are largely due to a weakness in the supporting tissues of the body. The disparity might be in your feet and/or higher up in your body, such as in your hips or back. This is why it is important to keep the whole body strong instead of exercising just one part when it weakens.

What won’t help in the long run with almost all foot problems is to solely use shoe supports. Long-term use of shoe supports, such as a heel lift, without any form of exercise or treatment whatsoever can further weaken many of the muscles of the foot and lead to other problems later. We know very well by now that, if there is weakness in one part of the body, it will affect many other parts too.

Work out your feet just like you work out the rest of your body. Those 100 muscles and 33 joints also need attention from time to time. Here are five ways to help you.


  1. Go barefooted as much as possible. You may not be able to go shopping barefooted walking freely about barefooted is one of the most simplest and positive steps you can do for your physical health. Go barefooted in your home and in your garden.This will help to strengthen your feet and will aid the receptors in the bottom of your feet to stay alert. If walking barefooted is too painful or too difficult, at least try and sit barefooted with your feet feeling the floor once in a while.
  2. Ground yourself! Having a good sense of the feeling of the ground beneath you is a great way to help you distribute your body weight more effectively.Your feet make contact with the floor at three points that form a triangle. Dot-to-dot they join at the heel, directly underneath the big toe and the little toe.Barefooted, stand as upright as possible. Hold onto a chair if necessary. Sense which part of the triangle feels the floor the most?

You should feel your body weight at all three points.

  • Lean into the front of your triangles.
  • Lean back into your triangles.
  • Lift through your feet by drawing the front of the triangle towards the back.

Gaining a sense of how changes in the position of your feet can affect the alignment of the rest of your body gives you a much better sense of why you might be feeling pain in other parts of your body, like in your back, and why you might feel a bit off-balanced at times.

  1. Clean the house with your feet. Though you might not be quite ready to dust the house with your tootsies, picking up things with the soles of your feet is a great way to strengthen their tiny supportive muscles. While watching the TV or chatting on the telephone, pick up small screwed-up bits of paper and grapes. Work slowly up to the TV controls!
  2. Untie your feet. Roll a golf ball underneath the soles of your feet for a minute or two once a week. Use your body weight to increase the pressure as you iron out any tight muscles.
  3. Sturdy feet. Gently and deliberately transfer your body weight from back to front of your feet until your heels lift off the floor. Stay on your toes for as long as possible. Feel lifted through the entire body. Lower gently. Repeat ten times.Then transfer your body weight to your heels and stay in this position or walk about on your heels for a count of 20. If this is too uncomfortable, stand or sit and tap your toes together 20 times. This helps to strengthen the muscles in the front of the feet and shins.


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