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Is sitting really bad for you?

Is sitting really bad for you?

Depends. Sitting in a restful, quiet place, finding head space, even with a glass of wine/beer in hand, is productive. Sitting at a desk, folding forwards all day isn’t so great.

It is a common place that our bodies find ourselves in. The culprits – work and social media. We constantly tap and scroll; fold inwards into the worlds of our phones, tablets and computers. Folded torsos, legs, necks, feet, hands and minds. The more we look, the more we fold. The problem is our bodies aren’t designed for long term (folding) sitting (especially in chairs) thats why the more we sit, the worse we feel.

Long term – distressed and weak backs and hips; neck and shoulder pain

Tips to help – If you have a desk job – don’t sit in one of those (awful) ‘posture’ chairs. Why, because they ‘ fix’ the spine in a rigid extended position, which might give you temporary relief of your pain, but in the long-term they weaken our natural muscular support.

If you have to sit at work a lot, keep moving, standing desks can help. Or use a variety of chairs (chair swap with colleagues) or sit on a ball occasionally. Get up regularly. Even in the most static of work environments, keep your body vital with a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar movement.

And of course if you sit a lot, then implement activity into your non-work time. Do yoga, pilates, dance, swim, surf, climb, exercise outside – something that uses your whole body in as many different ways as possible and that you can enjoy.

If you have pain from sitting and need some treatment, then come and visit us. We can help.

Any questions, just ask.

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