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Love Your Shoulders

How to prevent shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries can become a bit of a nightmare. Here are my three tips on how to prevent them.

1) Mobilise. The shoulder complex is quite complicated, but the two main joints, the ball and socket part that allows your arm to spin around and the scapulae part that attaches your arm to your torso are the ones you should be aware of. You should be able to move theses two joints independently within their complete range.

2) Strengthen. The ball and socket joint is very mobile and the socket bit is relatively much smaller than the ball part. So its stability heavily relies on the soft tissue that surrounds it. This includes the rotators cuff muscles, but also the many other ligaments and muscles that help maintain the ball in the socket. So you must strengthen your shoulder in all ranges.

3) Check your Neck. The neck and shoulder are structurally close so they often work together. Lots of the neck muscles attach to the top of the shoulder. A problem in one, can lead to problems in the other. Pain down the arm or in your scapula could be a problem that originates in your neck, if you are unsure, see a therapist.

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