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‘All good things are wild and free’

When I ran from mullion cove to the lizard last weekend it reminded me why I love to run. At times, feeling tired after a busy day at work, I can barely make a few laps around the park; at other times (though I might not run like one) I feel like a high spirited gazelle.

On Sunday, the hoolie wind was anabatic and onshore; during gusty 50mph intervals it felt like the wind god was trying to viscously pin me down onto the thorny grassy banks. There were plenty of moments when I was going nowhere, encased in a windy impasse. At more easterly angles of the coast path, the wind was on my side, pushing and shunting me up and down the muddy serpentine paths.

My feet were drenched, my legs cut by brambles, where I had taken an impromptu shortcut. Though covered in mini cuts, my legs felt as light as two feathers. Storm Imogen was already stirring the sea. Kynance cove was swamped by heavy white close outs and as I stopped to enjoy the white frothy anarchy, I was undeniably feeling high on the briny, wild air.

Filled with a mixture of adrenaline and excitement, like a stifled scream, I speeded on. I could see the mounting swell was already battering Lion Rock and Pentreath beach looked completely drowned in Imogen’s advance.The crazy wild wind was rousing my spirit and I felt quite mad, like I had just been let free after an incarceration. My pace wasn’t slowing and nor was the wind.

It was only when I rounded Lizard Point did I begin to come down from what must have been a runners high. My legs began to percolate tiredness; I could feel the wind beaten tingle from my countless bramble slashes and my gazelle spirit was sadly, seeping away.

There was only one thing I could do after a run like that.

Celebrate life with a mammoth cream tea at Polpeor Cafe at the tip of Lizard point, whilst I stare out at the wonder of the sea.

The Zen of Running
by Fred Rohe

I am running

free and easy,

my breath rolling in,

pouring out, entirely present

in the now of this experience

as I run

I can feel my face

beaming ecstatically.

So may you.

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