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Freaky Friday

Whether you are interested in astrological change or not; you might want to know that in the world of science – days like this (20th march) are very very rare. A super moon, a solar eclipse and a spring equinox all occurring on the same day is pretty extraordinary.

For the keen astronomers, all you need to know about why and how this is happening follow this link : http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/mar/19/solar-eclipse-what-you-need-to-know

Planetary activity on the scale is not one to completely ignore; so even if you aren’t interested in the science or the astronomy behind Freaky Friday – see it at least as a fantastic opportunity to make some positive changes to your life. It might be restarting the new years revolution that you forgot about, or forging a more optimistic outlook to your life, or it might be something more intrepid that takes you out of your comfort zone and beyond your fears.

We often tend to become a bit dislodged from who we really want to be; meandering through life with baggage we should have long ago got rid of.

Don’t worry.

Days like these can be just the impetus to ditch our dilapidated choices to allow fresh, better ones to begin.

Happy Freaky Friday.


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