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Falmouth Active Health

We are a team of experienced manual therapists who believe good movement to be the key to injury treatment and prevention. We provide a combined approach of manual therapy and movement rehabilitation, helping you take control of your path to better mobility and decreased pain. Our clinic, in the heart of Falmouth, is your local hub for better health


We treat and prevent musculoskeletal and sport injuries using osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, sports therapy and massage. We are a team of therapists who aim to provide you with the best possible treatment options to enable you to live a fuller life with more options; feeling and moving better.


We will treat your pain, but we also believe our help extends beyond treating the symptoms; at Falmouth Active Health we teach you to reconnect with your body and move better for life. This might be improving the way you walk, run, sit, surf, cycle, row or relax. We have a dedicated studio space available, to use alongside our team of movement specialists, fully trained in Pilates, yoga and rehabilitation instruction.

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WE ARE OPEN – Clinic safety document

We are officially open for face to face appointments. Stopping the spread of COVID-19 Workplace Protocol To help slow and…

ONLINE THERAPY – we are still here to help you!

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At Falmouth Active Health we hope to help you as much as we can. Our blog is full of health tips, fitness advice, patient stories and other information.
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We are fully open!

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